Adult Missions

The mission of Church of the Cross extends well beyond the walls of the building and takes the form of many different ministries both locally and internationally. 

Food, clothing and money are generously donated monthly to one of the five Dayton area Community Centers supported by the United Methodist Church. A "Second Helping" offering is received each Sunday which is donated to the East Dayton Food Pantry. Our "Missions Collection Center" is located in the hallway outside the church parlor for your clothing and food donations.

Local hands-on mission projects are gaining popularity with a group of people who volunteer their time and talents to help make a difference for those in need in our surrounding community. With grants provided by The Kettering Foundation, our team of volunteers is able to organize and provide the labor to make significant improvements for needy home owners in the Kettering area. We help people who otherwise would not be able to afford to make these repairs and upgrades for themselves.


Church of the Cross & an anonymous donor helped to build and furnish a preschool at Gungu United Methodist Church in Kigoma, Tanzania. A fund drive produced over $7,000 (not including the matching donation) that bought desks, books, cabinets, and many other furnishings as well as fund staff salaries for one year.


In January of 2012 Church of the Cross' Church Council formally approved spiritual and financial support of one of our members, Jane Wise, as she prepares to serve in a long-term missionary capacity in the Kasenga District of the South Congo Annual Conference in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Jane has been to the DRC many times in the past and has established strong relationships with pastors there. She has made a preparatory trip in the summer of 2012 and will return in 2013 to begin her missionary work there.

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In May of 2013 a Medical Mission Team of 10 people traveled to Nicaragua to provide badly needed medical services to the people in a remote mountain area. The medical needs of 720 people were addressed in 3-1/2 days!



Church of the Cross experienced its first foreign mission trip in February 2002 by sending ten people to Tampico, Mexico, to help improve the living conditions of a young pastor and his wife. Four follow-up trips have taken place since then and more mission trips of this nature are anticipated as Church of the Cross seeks to improve its hands-on mission experience in the world.







St. Paul Luncheons are hot lunches provided for Dayton's needy at St. Paul's Lutheran Church. Area congregations provide the food and people to serve it on a rotating basis. Church of the Cross provides this service four times per year.

United Methodist Women is a group who are united by their common interest and support of missions throughout the world. Their particular focus is mission with women and children. At Church of the Cross, we carry out our purpose through small groups called circles. Circles meet monthly to study, worship, work and fellowship together. Once each quarter the entire unit meets for a special program. Times of the meetings vary to accommodate women at home and women employed outside the home. Any woman who is interested in the mission of the church is invited to join a circle.


UMW Circle Schedule

Susanna Circle - 1st Tue., 7:30 pm

Ruth Circle - 2nd Wed., 10:30 am

Sarah Circle - 1st Thur., 10:30 am

Leah Circle - 1st Sun., 6:00 pm


The Lost & Found Transitional Ministry began in 1984 as a ministry outreach to homeless ex-offenders. Its focus today is to help ex-offenders transition from prison life to independence, re-entering society as respected and valued citizens. Several Church of the Cross members are serving on the board of directors and in other capacities. Church of the Cross also supports the ministry financially. The house, located on Garfield Street in Dayton, serves as a stable and structured environment for these men.


Kairos Prison Ministry is designed to bring Christ to those who are incarcerated. It begins with the presentation of a 3-day short course in Christianity in a correctional institution.

The purpose of Kairos is to build strong Christian communities within correctional institutions. That is done through the impact of small, share and prayer groups of residents in the institutions. These groups meet weekly to share their lives on a very deep spiritual level and to pray for one another and for the residents and the staff. 

For more information or to become involved in this outreach, contact Doug Evenden or Rod Pummell.


Click here for more about Kairos: YouTube Logo