Understand Poverty: A Lenten Series

March 1 - April 5poverty

Plan ahead to join us for a unique series of lectures and Bible Study on a subject that is at the heart of the gospel—our relationship to poverty. Christians are called to be advocates for the poor regardless of our status in life.

The good news of Jesus is for the poor, those who are powerless and marginalized by the powers of this world. Poverty is more than not having enough to eat or inadequate housing. This study will smash some of the myths about poverty and enlighten us with the beauty of the scriptures.

The study will begin with a lecture by Ellen Mays-Craig, someone who has been working with impoverished children and their families through the East End Community Center. Ellen is the director of Miracle Makers, an afterschool program supported by COTC through our Second Helping. We will then examine what the Bible says about poverty. We conclude with the spiritual concerns of simple living and justice. Pastor John will lead the lectures on March 15, 22, and 29. Pastor Carla will lead the lecture on April 5. The schedule is below.

Mar 1    Ash Wednesday Service, 7:30pm

Mar 8    Intro to Poverty by Ellen Mays-Craig, East End Community Center, 7pm (Ellen Mays-Craig)

Mar 15  The Torah, the Psalms, the Prophets and the Poor, 7pm (Pastor John Whitaker)

Mar 22  Jesus and the Poor, 7pm (Pastor John Whitaker)

Mar 29  Consumerism and Spiritual Poverty, 7pm (Pastor John Whitaker)

April 5   Charity is Not Enough, 7pm (Pastor Carla Stengel)