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Title Scripture Speaker Date Series
Thy Will Be Done Matthew 6:10 Rev. Dean Blimline 2014-07-13 The Lord's Prayer
Your Kingdom Come Matthew 6:10 Pastor John Whitaker 2014-07-06 The Lord's Prayer
Hallowed Be Your Name Matthew 6:9 Pastor John Whitaker 2014-06-29 The Lord's Prayer
Truth and Consequences Genesis 21:8-20 Pastor John Whitaker 2014-06-22
Choose Life: Living the Cycles of Blessings Deuteronomy 30:15-20 Pastor John Whitaker 2014-06-15 Blessings
Currency of Gracious Leadership Acts 2:14-18 Pastor John Whitaker 2014-06-08 Blessings
Currency of Wellness Acts 2:14-18 Pastor John Whitaker 2014-06-01 Blessings
Currency of Money Acts 4:31-35 Pastor John Whitaker 2014-05-25 Blessings
Currency of Time & Place John 14:1-7 Pastor John Whitaker 2014-05-18 Blessings
Currency of Relationship Luke 10:38-42 Pastor John Whitaker 2014-05-11 Blessings
Currency of Truth Luke 24:13-35 Pastor John Whitaker 2014-05-04 Blessings
Holy Currencies: Praise God from Whom all Blessings Flow John 20:19-31 Pastor John Whitaker 2014-04-27 Blessings
Resurrection Witnesses Acts 10:34-43 Pastor John Whitaker 2014-04-20
Twelfth Station: Jesus Speaks to His Mother and the Beloved Disciple John 19:25-27 Pastor John Whitaker 2014-04-13 Scriptural Stations of the Cross
Tenth Station: Jesus is Crucified Luke 23:33-34 Pastor John Whitaker 2014-04-06 Scriptural Stations of the Cross
Eighth Station: Simon of Cyrene Helps Jesus Carry the Cross Mark 15:21 Pastor John Whitaker 2014-03-30 Scriptural Stations of the Cross
Sixth Station: Jesus is Scourged and Crowned with Thorns John 19:1-3 Pastor John Whitaker 2014-03-23 Scriptural Stations of the Cross
Fourth Station: Jesus is Denied by Peter Matthew 26:69-75 Pastor John Whitaker 2014-03-16 Scriptural Stations of the Cross
Third Station: Jesus Condemned by the Sanhedrin Luke 22:66-71 Revs. John Whitaker & Dean Blimline 2014-03-12 Scriptural Stations of the Cross
Second Station: Jesus is Betrayed by Judas and Arrested Mark 14:43-46 Pastor John Whitaker 2014-03-09 Scriptural Stations of the Cross